"I bequeath to my heirs a vibrant land and home.Men of the
fields, children, grandchildren, generations...do not forget
land, love it and take care of it. Make excellence you emblem,
and from your hands the perfect way to offer what the land
bestows us...the olives, the sun...gold."
Mas Simó de Palau
Located in the Ravalet neighborhood and still bordered by the Cucala olive
groves, Mas Simó has continually upheld the excellence, commitment and
dedication that have made possible the creation of protected designation of
origin products like Mas Simó de Palau olive oils.

The highest quality olive oil, product of a careful selection, a meticulous
preparation and the genuine purity of the Empordà land. All the flavour, body
and aroma of a land forged from tradition, concentrated in small drops of liquid
gold which now rest in the hands of the most exclsuive restaurants and shops
in the region.